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Revitalizing Il Passatore: A strategic digital makeover for culinary excellence




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In the heart of Larvik town center, Il Passatore stands as a testament to authentic Italian dining, proudly owned and operated by a dedicated Italian family for the past 12 years. Renowned for its exceptional cuisine and warm service, Il Passatore has cultivated a loyal customer base, but now seeks to expand its reach to welcome new patrons.

Recognizing the untapped potential within their outdated online presence, I undertook the responsibility of crafting a contemporary website, designed to reflect the restaurant’s rich heritage and culinary prowess. Currently in its final stages on a test domain, the new website awaits approval for deployment under their official domain.

Upon receiving approval from owners, the strategic implementation of digital tools will commence. Google Tag Manager and GA4 will be deployed to gather comprehensive insights into user behavior, enabling fine-tuning of our marketing strategy for optimal results. Simultaneously, a targeted Google Ads campaign, supported by meticulous keyword research, will elevate Il Passatore’s visibility in the online sphere. I will also do On-Page SEO.

The focus of our campaign extends beyond mere visibility; it is centered on conversion optimization. By translating online interest into tangible visits, we aim to bolster Il Passatore’s standing as the go-to Italian dining destination in Larvik.