Building a thriving physiotherapy business: A journey of growth, automation, and digital mastery




Body Logic


Web Design & developent, Brandbuilding, performance marketing, SEO



Description of the journey from entrepreneur to digital marketer

In the span of 4 years and 9 months, from September 2018 to May 2023, my entrepreneurial journey unfolded in the heart of Prešov, Slovakia, with the creation of Body Logic Prešov—a private and profitable physiotherapy studio.

Beginning as a lone practitioner with no brand, limited customers, and lacking an online presence, I undertook the challenge of transforming this venture into a flourishing enterprise. The key to my success lay in acquiring digital skills, including SEO, PPC, and WordPress website development.

Through relentless determination, I scaled the business into a profitable project. I expanded the team, implemented automated systems for client generation, and crafted a locally recognized brand with a robust online identity. Despite my physical move to Norway, I proudly remain the owner, enjoying passive income from my thriving business.

The success story is not just about building a business but also about leveraging sophisticated automated funnels, effective delegation of responsibilities, and thorough employee training. Today, with the business operating seamlessly, my focus has shifted to helping others achieve similar success.

Customers typically return for therapy an average of 3-5 times and it’s worth noting that many orders are handled directly over the phone, which are not reflected in our analytics.